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a cell from which connective tissue develops

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PTX-2/SAP inhibited all of the pathologies driven by TGF1 including apoptosis, airway inflammation, pulmonary fibrocyte and M2 macrophage accumulation and collagen deposition, without affecting the levels of TGF1 in the lung;
Importantly, increases in fibrocyte levels within IPF patients have been associated with acute exacerbation of disease, and high fibrocyte levels in IPF patients have been associated with increased mortality.
42) A better understanding of abnormal fibrocyte function in NSF may facilitate the treatment of fibrotic diseases from the disease model of NSF and GBCA.
In a poster entitled "Serum amyloid P attenuates hepatic fibrosis in mice by inhibiting the activation of fibrocytes and hepatic stellate cells," Promedior and collaborators from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine presented data which highlight the efficacy and utility of Pentraxin-2 in suppressing fibrosis and providing a strong hepatoprotective effect in two independent models of liver fibrosis.
James Mule, Professor and Director of the Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Program, will focus on fibrocytes as therapy for a variety of cancers including sarcoma and melanoma.
It has been hypothesized that free gadolinium ion released from unstable chelates is deposited in tissues and induces the recruitment of fibrocytes.
Cysts lay within a loose stroma rich in mucinous and proteinaceous floccular fluid, among which widely dispersed reactive fibroblasts and fibrocytes, and several bundles of smooth muscle fibers were present.
The underlying sub-mucosa showed hypervascular granulation tissue, where as the fibrocytes were arranged parallel to the serosa.
The proliferating fibroblasts, endothelial cells, and spindled mesothelial cells of organizing pleuritis may mimic sarcomatoid DMM, and fibrocytes and spindled mesothelial cells within mature, dense, fibrous pleuritis may mimic desmoplastic DMM.
Circulating Thought to be progenitors for fibroblasts fibrocytes participating in the pathogenesis of lung fibrosis.
The predominance of proliferation, metaplasia of macrophages into fibroblasts and fibrocytes, degeneration of unstriated muscle fibers were revealed in studying the sections of the mice prostate with the experimental chronic prostatitis.
In connected tissue of testicle's capsule, type I collagen fibers, fibrocytes with long and dark nucleuses, fibroblasts with round or ellipse light nucleuses and also smooth muscles scattered in depth of testicle's depth are seen.
Interplay of several effector cells including migrating lymphocytes, fibrocytes, Langerhans cells, mast cells and epidermal keratinocytes enroll in the development of AD.
The basal cells are joined by gap junctions to intermediate cells and to fibrocytes of adjacent connective tissue, indicating exchanges between these three cell types.
The fibroblast population within lesional tissue is expanded by the arrival of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal progenitor cells, called fibrocytes, which then further contribute to connective tissue accumulation.
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