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Alveolar fibrocyte percentage is an independent predictor of poor outcome in patients with acute lung injury.
The Annulus Fibrosus is densely packed with rings or highly organized collagen type I fibril sheets or lamellae, in which fibrocytes are distribu- ted.
However, it was not until 1994 when the term fibrocyte was used for the first time to define these blood-borne fibroblast-like cells.
42) A better understanding of abnormal fibrocyte function in NSF may facilitate the treatment of fibrotic diseases from the disease model of NSF and GBCA.
In a poster entitled "Serum amyloid P attenuates hepatic fibrosis in mice by inhibiting the activation of fibrocytes and hepatic stellate cells," Promedior and collaborators from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine presented data which highlight the efficacy and utility of Pentraxin-2 in suppressing fibrosis and providing a strong hepatoprotective effect in two independent models of liver fibrosis.
Importantly, increases in fibrocyte levels within IPF patients have been associated with acute exacerbation of disease, and high fibrocyte levels in IPF patients have been associated with increased mortality.
PTX-2/SAP inhibited all of the pathologies driven by TGF1 including apoptosis, airway inflammation, pulmonary fibrocyte and M2 macrophage accumulation and collagen deposition, without affecting the levels of TGF1 in the lung;
A third SBIR will examine the potential for a newly discovered antigen-presenting cell, termed a fibrocyte, to be utilized as a cancer vaccine therapy.
Perhaps fibroblasts are a kind of intermediate cell in the differentiation system from mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells to terminally differentiated cells, not strictly confined to differentiated fibrocytes.
Findings from blood samples of lung transplant recipients have demonstrated that patients with BOS have more circulating fibrocytes and fewer epithelial progenitors compared to those without evidence of the disease.
The fibrocytes were monomorphous, elongated and spindle shaped, arranged in a storiform pattern.
Fibrocytes and the pathogenesis of diffuse parenchymal lung disease.
Aggressive fibromatosis (AF) or extra-abdominal desmoid tumours are rare tumours of fibroblastic origin involving the proliferation of cytologically benign fibrocytes.
Fibrocytes develop outside the kidney but contribute to renal fibrosis in a mouse model.
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