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Because of the fiber morphology, the pulp fibrils have a surface of aromatic rings and amide groups.
Besides the chains, the fibrils, formed during the drawing process, would be further strengthened by orientation.
2m is known to accumulate in renal dialysis patients and forms fibrils within the joints, causing extreme pain and arthritis.
Alzhemed is a small molecule that is administered orally and binds to soluble [beta]-amyloid and thereby prevents it from forming amyloid fibrils.
Viscosity is minimally affected, Hyperion says, so its fibrils are highly suitable for thin-wall molding and provide excellent surface quality in appearance parts.
Another noticeable ultrastructural feature of our case is that a lot of FLS collagen fibrils between tumor cells were recognized in most areas.
Mouse cortical neuron cultures (E16, 5 days in vitro) were incubated alone (-) or with 5[micro]M A[beta]-140 fibrils for 72 hours.
The apertures of the first and second groups are defined by fibrils formed from thermoplastic polymeric material and have been produced by the process of subjecting unsupported portions of the polymeric material to columnar streams of pressurized fluid directed at the material in a zone of contact to cause the material to stretch between localized support regions over recessed zones.
For instance, the fibrils of the fiber walls are exposed to a certain degree; these fibrillary particles on the fiber wall are described by crill.
To estimate the function of space orientation of fibrils, the scanning was accomplished in increments of 10[degrees] by sample rotation in the azimuthal direction from the angle corresponding to the direction normal to the extrudate axis (these are angles of 90[degrees] and 270[degrees]).
Researchers showed the prion-like domains are responsible for the shape change that occurs when these proteins convert into slender threads called fibrils.
Takahashi et al formed nanofibers from a polymer solution by rotating a conductive container with small holes, charging the discharged fibrils, and drawing the fibrils by centrifugal force and an electrostatic explosion.
Amyloidosis is not a single disease entity but a spectrum of diseases that have in common the extracellular deposition of insoluble protein fibrils in tissue or organs in a beta-pleated sheet configuration.
The fibrils are wrapped in a natural scaly cuticle.
The present study investigates the proteins of the innate immune system of Limulus that bind to the fibrils of the coagulin clot, potentially supplementing the entrapment actions of the clot in two ways: first, by the lethality of clot-bound proteins for the entrapped microbes and second, by the ability of these proteins that decorate the clot fibrils to bind and inactivate the toxic products of entrapped microbes.