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Synonyms for garrote

an instrument of execution for execution by strangulation

strangle with an iron collar

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Strukoff says that the school district put in a large server room at the Walker Development Centre on Central Avenue and the fibre wire will be run to all of the schools and the city will run wire to all of their facilities with both groups sharing the cost and services.
The King's team has come up with a glass fibre wire alternative with small iron markers along it that can be seen on the scan.
Rifles, smoke grenades, lock picks, an optical fibre wire used for seeing what's on the other side of a closed door and night vision/ thermal vision goggles all make up the impressive inventory of goodies.
Tenders are invited for Tightrope Device For Acromioclavicular Joint: Proprietary Arthrex,For Arthroscopic Reconstruction Of Ac Joint Dislocation, Device Comprises Of Of Four Stranded Continuous Loop Of Number 5 Fibre Wire Interlaced Between Titanium Button And Washer, Sterile Puncture Proof Packaging,
Tenders are invited for Anchor For Arthroscopic Instability Repair - Slap Or Bankart,Standard Imported Brand, Usfda Certified, Vendor Quotation Eligible Only If Accompanied By Authorization From Oem, Titanium Anchor Preloaded With One Size 2 Fibre Wire Or Equivalent High Tensile Strength Arthroscopic Suture Material,Should Have Laser Marks On The Distal Part Of The Insertion Shaft To Indicate Orientation Of The Eyelets And Insertion Depth,