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a number in the Fibonacci sequence

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OTHER NUMERICAL SERIES Successive numerical letter group totals are consecutive squares, consecutive cubes, consecutive primes or consecutive numbers in the Fibonacci series.
Also known as the Fibonacci series, the series of numbers has become the foundation for many works of art and architecture and most recently formed a key part of Dan Brown's Da Vinci novel.
The geometry generated from the Fibonacci series unites the two but until Peter's wonderful sculpture arrives the building seems to lack a vital organ.
According to the Elliott Wave Theory, stock prices tend to move in a predetermined number of waves consistent with the Fibonacci series.
Relating botany (at some level) to math enables a teacher to demonstrate the Fibonacci series between two vertically-aligned leaves in a plant with spiral phyllotaxy.
The author introduces a geometric explanation of Phi Ratio, the Fibonacci Series and the Pentagon.
In a question and answer format, they define terms, explain concepts, and use equations to illustrate pi, the Fibonacci series, calculus, balancing a checkbook, and calculating square footage, among many others.