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Synonyms for fibula

the outer and thinner of the two bones of the human leg between the knee and ankle


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It would be great to get back playing for some part of the league," said Woodlock, who broke his fibia and tibia in his right leg when lining out for Drom/Inch in the Tipperary county final against Thurles Sarsfields in October 2009.
In the final seconds, prop Alan Johnson broke the fibia in his leg after catching his studs in the ground and he is likely to be out for a lengthy spell.
I believe the injury is a double break of the fibia and tibia.
That had serious consequences, causing a fracture to the tibia and fibia of his right leg.
Dallaglio dislocated his right ankle, broke his fibia and damaged ligaments when he slid into a tackle and was caught under a pile of bodies in the first half of the Lions' 34-20 victory over the Bay of Plenty on Saturday.
I broke my tibia and fibia twice in the same place and broke it the second time after three games when coming back"Then, after I had been back about four months, I broke my fibia again.
The big loose forward fractured his tibia and fibia in an accidental collision just before halime and will have a long battle ahead of him to regain his fitness for Whitchurch's launch in the higher league.
Paul has a suspected double fracture of the tibia and fibia and Keith's leg is badly gashed.
I broke my leg against Wycombe in 1999 - my tibia and fibia.
The long bones in the legs - the femur, tibia and fibia - have their growth plates, or growing zones, at the end of the bones, where the limb impacts with the ground or is jolted at the hip by high kicking.
He broke his fibia and tibia when he hit the front nearside of a passing Vauxhall Corsa.
The ex-Coagh United player sustained a double break to his fibia and tibia in the clash between the sides back on August 18 and an x-ray expert will decide what the player's next course of action is.
Morrow, who cracked both the tibia and fibia of his right leg in a 50-50 challenge with Blues defender William Murphy, will be released from hospital today.
On Monday, Michael will have a metal plate inserted into the bottom of his fibia.
I have broken my foot, heal and fibia, but it is not the end of the world and it reminded me once again how well we are looked after by the medical teams.