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Synonyms for fibre

Synonyms for fibre

any of several elongated, threadlike cells (especially a muscle fiber or a nerve fiber)

the inherent complex of attributes that determines a persons moral and ethical actions and reactions

a leatherlike material made by compressing layers of paper or cloth

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a pioneering developer of free space optics telecommunication equipment and a metro Ethernet service provider, is supplying its Fiberless Optics equipment and professional services to Utfors Bredband AB of Sweden.
The Fiberless 16200, a high-capacity hub supporting OC-12 fiber connections to the core network, covers an area of up to 75 km(2) and aggregates both PTP and PMP links from BTS sites.
Incorporating Ensemble's patented Adaptix(TM) technology, the Fiberless system is the most advanced broadband wireless access solution on the market today and is the first capable of extending fiber to cost-effectively deliver broadband services to small and medium enterprises.
Telseon's service provider customers can now extend their services via Fiberless Optic technology to most enterprise customers in Seattle and Denver.
Using its own Fiberless Optical technology, the company creates a network of invisible light over a metropolitan area to connect local area networks (LANs) and the nation's wide area networks (WANs) at gigabit speeds.
Additional full-scale LMDS network rollouts of the Fiberless system are planned for the cities of Brownwood and Brady, Texas over the next two years.
Terabeam's Fiberless Optic(TM) services provide secure and reliable broadband connectivity by beaming invisible, eye-safe light directly through office windows.
Terabeam's Fiberless Optic Network System sends data through the air using invisible light.
Founded in 1997, Terabeam provides fiberless broadband IP services over the first and last mile link of the nation's fiber optic communications networks.
As one of the pioneers of the broadband wireless industry, Doug's technical expertise and many years of experience working with competitive carriers are valuable assets to Ensemble as we continue to achieve successes with customers worldwide and as we start to broaden the Fiberless product portfolio.
is a leading manufacturer of network switches and optical fiberless LAN and telecommunications products.
butlerNetworks has begun the commercial rollout of the Fiberless point-to-multipoint platform to offer high-bandwidth services over its licensed 26 GHz spectrum in order to meet the growing demands for integrated broadband connections by businesses throughout Denmark.
One of the first customers to adopt the RezPrise for Oracle recruiting solution is Terabeam, a rapidly growing provider of fiberless broadband IP services in the Seattle area.
Fiberless is a third generation, point-to-multipoint microwave radio system providing broadband connections to business users.
Tenders are invited for Video Bronchoscopes C Fiberless Cmos Technology