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a very thin fiber made of glass that functions as a waveguide for light

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Sprint's IDT service benefits from the design of its nationwide fiber-optic network, which offers the almost limitless capacity of fiber optics, equipment redundancy, a uniform network architecture, and 24- hour, 365-day-a-year electronic surveillance via Sprint's regional, national and international network control centers.
The company recently completed a 115-mile fiber-optic network in the Denver metropolitan area.
Tetra Tech's nationwide work on `last mile' fiber-optic networks, and their success to help prepare Salt Lake City's fiber-optic network for the Olympic Games, made them well suited for Project UTOPIA.
Zwan was the architect of the company's flagship product, the Network Information Computer(R) (NIC(R)), the industry's first portable network analyzer for high-speed fiber-optic networks.
Berklee's "Little Big Dig" involvement has allowed the school to upgrade its fiber-optic network while sharing the cost of underground construction in the city streets.
SIGECOM is focused on providing customers in Southern Indiana with a comprehensive suite of communications services over its new, high-capacity fiber-optic network.
Complementing this broadband connectivity, Vyvx utilizes Williams Communications' 33,000-mile fiber-optic network backbone, four regional teleports and satellite capabilities.
Our alliance creates a powerful combination - the premier global IT integrator with the world's most extensive fiber-optic network," said Global Crossing Chief Executive Officer Tom Casey.
In addition to its current expansion in 51 cities in North America, Metromedia Fiber Network is establishing an international presence with planned fiber-optic network builds in 16 cities throughout Europe.
8 billion bits per second of dedicated bandwidth to each building, is building out a broadband fiber-optic network that will link buildings and customers to each other on a private network extending from North America through Europe and eventually, to the Far East.
Time Warner Communications said today it will boost the number of channels available to Digital Cable customers by more than 20 percent, taking advantage of capabilities afforded by its upgraded fiber-optic network.
As the company is in the early stage of development, it expects to generate significant operating and net losses as it continues to build and market its fiber-optic network and Internet infrastructure and services.
It is deploying a technology advanced 20,000km fiber-optic network connecting 50 cities throughout Europe and provides a full portfolio of data-centric IP-based services and other advanced telecommunications services, including a pan-European Digital Subscriber Line service.
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