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sativa, it has also been applied to dozens of species representing more than 20 genera, often prominent fiber crops.
the emphasis was on studying fiber crops that could be used as raw materials for pulp and paper manufacture.
At the close of the 20th century, reminiscent of how new hemp fiber applications resurrected the fiber crop mostly in Europe (as discussed in the "Evolution of Stem Fiber Production Under Domestication" section), a similar development of oilseed products, primarily in Canada, witnessed the founding of an expanding hempseed industry.
The plant material used in this CIMV process is non-food and comes from agricultural byproducts (cereal straw, bagasse from sugarcane and sweet sorghum) or fiber crops (hemp, flax, Provence cane and miscanthus), but can also come from forestry waste.
They consider fiber crops, fruits, beverage-deriving plants, grasses and seeds, oil crops, ornamentals, pharmacological plants, roots and tubers, spices, trees and shrubs, vegetables and more.
This is the most complete file of information in this country, if not the world, on fiber crops of the world.
The researchers also suggest that future food, feed and fiber crops would ideally be capable of making better use of nitrogen from the environment, to minimize water pollution and greenhouse as emissions associated with chemical fertilizers.
These plants are almost exclusively grown as fiber crops and there is a growing concern on the future availability and price of the fibers from these crops due to the limitations of land, water, and energy needed to grow these crops.
Blachly resident Jan Wroncy, a science researcher, organic farmer and "no-spray" forest owner, said her life's work had informed her on two important issues in the debate over SB 20: that as children develop they are especially vulnerable to the ill effects of chemicals, and that all food and fiber crops can be grown successfully without the use of pesticides.
The survey tallied sales for OTA members who manufacture organic products made of cotton, wool or other fiber crops.
Endosulfan II Insecticide introduced in 1956, used on citrus, fruits, fiber crops, vegetables.
Hemp clothing will spare soil the petrochemical supplements demanded by other fiber crops.
With hundreds of millions of tons of excess agricultural residues and fiber crops like kenaf produced domestically each year, it simply doesn't make sense to ship bamboo pulp across the world to supply our paper needs.
And while plant fiber crops require much loss land than tree farms, another non-wood source-agricultural waste-requires virtually none at all.