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Synonyms for Fez

a city in north central Morocco

a felt cap (usually red) for a man


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His parents are from Samoa and Fez was born in New Zealand, before moving to Australia and growing up in Queensland.
Rest anywhere and glasses of sweet mint tea appear, along with promises of the finest bargains in all of Fez.
Fez works on so many levels to instantly strike up a love affair with the gamer.
Moghreb Fez are a strong team who play well at home.
Fez Shore Park, whose completion is expected in 2016, will house a "Wold Class" area which will include a private closed and secured area, trays offices ready to use and a loop telecom fibre.
Tareq Abu-Samra, a student, said "I participated in the exhibition through providing a project of a symbolic shape which is the Damascene fez C*I used brocade fabric in making itC*I changed the common color of the fez from red to blue to refer to peace.
The First Sufi Brotherhood Evening at Fez Sufi Festival "There was a large crowd of Sufi Festival attendees and local residents.
com)-- Red Fez Publications is pleased to announce their nominations for the Pushcart Prize Anthology produced by Pushcart Press.
The flight will stop once weekly at Nador and twice weekly at Fez.
Mr Jones said yesterday he discovered the likeness of Cooper, complete with red fez, while eating his pie and chips in his own chip shop.
3 (Petra)--Jordan will take part in meetings of the 56th session of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Mediterranean Regional Committee which start in the Moroccan city of Fez tomorrow.
Ambulances are heading the convoy that started out again early this morning passing through Fez and onward to Algeria where the border has been opened.
Marrakech, Fez and Essaouira became reborn cities, elevated to design capitals and icons of taste and places where culture and tradition met today's hottest styles.
Summary: The tarboush in Lebanon, called a fez elsewhere, is no longer a noble masculine headdress but rather an old-fashioned trend whose followers are seen in a mocking light, Ali Hamdan told The Daily Star on Tuesday.
Ryanair's other new routes, which are all scheduled to start from the week of 27 October 2008, will fly from Frankfurt to Birmingham, Klagenfurt and Prague; from Bremen to Fuerteventura, Gothenburg, Marrakesh and Tenerife; from Brussels to Fez, Gdansk, Manchester, Marrakesh, Riga, Tangier and Wroclaw; from Madrid to London Stansted and Milan; from Marseille to Agadir, Brest, Lille, Nador and Tangier; from Milan to Berlin, Bournemouth, Brindisi, Fez, Ibiza and Madrid; and from Rome to Alghero.