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the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century

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If the feudalists are treated harshly, the Marxists or two-sector proponents (including Diakonoff, Heltzer, Liverani, Zaccagnini, Buccellati, and Libolt) receive far worse for asserting "facts" over "native forms of expression" (p.
Officers added insult to injury they had already caused the bourgeoisie by depicting them as feudalist lackeys of imperialism.
Moreover, agriculture-based industries should be established to bring the peasantry out of the yoke of feudalists.
Sirajul Haq said that the QuaideAzam had started the Pakistan movement with the adoption of the Pakistan resolution at this spot on 23rd of March, 1940, but the feudal lords, feudalists and capitalists brought up by the British sabotaged the Quaid's movement and drifted it from the goal of Islamic welfare state although the Quaid had declared the Holy Quran and the Sunnah as the constitution of this state.
He observed 20 percent flood has come due to natural reasons and 80 percent due to feudalists and waderas.
In lieu of political support to a regime, whether military or quasi-democratic, feudalists exact favours through ministerial positions, loans and property allocations'.
However, in the process of so doing, they set back the region--Iraq, most notably--by fostering a class of feudalists through whom they exercised their political control.
He said that feudalists and big land owners would be held accountable after elimination of terrorists in the first phase.
Fact of the matter is that RAW is providing sustained financial and monetary support to Baloch feudalists and militants, both in Afghanistan and Balochistan.
Talking to PTV the PPP leader said that over the years the difference between the capitalists and feudalists has been reduced.
There are three power centres in Pakistan: (1) the feudalists and the elite with their money; (2) the army with the guns and (3) the ulema with its jehadi army and the claim to be 'protectors of Islam'.
Terming Sindh Local Government (Amended) Ordinance `a black law', MQM Labor division's chief, Kazim Raza, said that the LG Ordinance reflected thoughts of feudalists and hence it be withdrawn without any further delay.