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the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century

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The change of the ruling government in Japan in 1868 set in motion forces that would convert the country from being a backward feudal state into a modern power within a few decades.
It is a screen to dupe the common man, so that he may not see clearly that Pakistan is a feudal State in which a clique is trying by these methods to maintain itself in power.
A tiny island considered to be Europe's last feudal state is on its way to becoming fully democratic for the first time.
The tenant residents of the only really feudal state left in either the Commonwealth or Europe have a referendum vote to decide how they are governed, yet the voters of Britain's second largest city have to beg for one.
for God's sake, we no longer live in a feudal state, or most of us would be serfs.
Not the freedom to live in a democracy but a repressive feudal state where a woman's right to wear what she wants is removed along with her independence, homosexuals are ostracised and only despots are allowed to prosper.
Revered by his 22 million subjects, King Birendra has ruled Nepal for 27 years and is a symbol of stability in the country, which in 1990 was transferred from a feudal state to parliamentary democracy.
Bhutan, a feudal state with a population of about 600,000 high in the Himalayan Mountains, is about the size of Switzerland.
When the Emperor Meiji took over control of the country from the old Shogunate in 1868, and yanked Japan out of her feudal state into the modem world, the yakusa became less visible and pursued a more clandestine role.
Pakistan's own Altaf Hussian, leader of the MQM, never tires of reminding his followers that Pakistan is a feudal state where feudal elements rule in collusion with mullahs.