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the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century

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Therefore, the first target of any feudal regime is the suppression of the press and academic institutions so as to give the regime the freedom to control, influence and manipulate opinion to further their own ends.
100) However, his Honour overlooks the fact that this 'fallacy' was the cornerstone of the inherited feudal regime.
In March 1805, Nelson wrote to Sir John Acton, prime minister of the kingdom of Naples and Sicily, urging him to abandon the repressive feudal regime then still existing in that kingdom.
Often, they have been taken as relics of a feudal regime in which the king controlled land through a hierarchy of lesser nobility.
He grants that the feudal regime expanded significantly in the early fourteenth century, but the agnatic model continued to remain the exception, not the rule, and very few families--the Ventimiglia, the Chiaramonte, and the Alagona are the well-known exceptions--were able to maintain their wealth for more than three generations.