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the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century

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De Montfort is called the 'father of English liberty' as his great fight was to give a say in government to a class which had long been excluded but some have said the choice was really between a feudal monarchy or feudal barons.
To label as Maoists the rural revolutionaries steadily wresting Nepal from the grip of feudal monarchy conceals as much as it reveals.
The only problem is the feudal monarchy who still run this supposedly liberated state still haven't got round to organising any democratic elections.
It argues forcefully and convincingly that a "Renaissance" did indeed occur in what many now refer to as "early modern" France, that this Renaissance was qualitatively different from - and in some ways more consequential than - its Italian counterpart, that it created history as a modern discipline and transformed France from a backward feudal monarchy into the modern nation we know today, and that it resulted not from the coincidence of circumstances and anonymous forces but from the concerted energies of extraordinary individuals.
As I explain in my book, "Culture Smart: Turkey," AtatE-rk's legacy was nothing less than the transformation of Turkey from an absolute feudal monarchy into a modern, secular, sovereign state, free from foreign interference, whose citizens enjoyed greater freedom and security than their forefathers had ever known.