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the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century

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If the good people of countries like Liechtenstein and Monaco enjoy living in feudal monarchies, they do at least have the benefit of being among the richest subjects on this planet.
Until August 1947, the autocratic rule of the Hindu maharajah of Jammu and Kashmir was tempered by the oversight of the British viceroy in Calcutta (and later Delhi) in the same way that the British ruled the other 564 feudal monarchies of the vast Indian subcontinent, whose domains comprised two-fifths of India and a population of 99 million.
When the early medieval court was the king's "household," the queen was a powerful partner in ruling; as feudal monarchies developed, the court became an institution controlled by bureaucrats.
Forever dying for moneyed elites in White House copporate boards, Pentagon war room, Royal Kingdoms Feudal monarchies death-squad democracies Hear our final word Cult of Necrophiliacs Realpolitik tattooed power junkie assassins We are rising up above the tragic battles No more war economy battlefields Gathering up what's left of our mother Earth Gathering up our bodies Gathering up our ideologies of hatred and fear Gathering up our hardware weapons Take a flight through matter It doesn't matter any longer
Jayawardena considers the democratic movement for women's rights and the feminist struggles that emerged in Asia in the context of the resistance to imperialism and various forms of domination on the one hand, and to feudal monarchies, exploitative local rulers, and traditional patriarchal and religious structures on the other.