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the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century

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Kersten appears to have been a vassal of the Lady of Cassel, and feudal law may have required that she be represented by a man, the most obvious choice being her husband.
The 14th Earl of Mar and Kellie, Jamie Erskine, insists he should be paid pounds 28,000 under ancient feudal laws in the process of being scrapped.
The predatory societies that had flourished across most of Europe in the Dark Ages gave way, under the influence of new and more efficient predators, to societies based on fief and feudal law.
But Sheriff Pritchard said it was the Crown that was at the apex of feudal law, not God.
It is above all Selden's discussions of the ancient constitution, the feudal law, and the Roman law, and later his growing interest in Grotian natural law discourse which are explored.
Hamilton used feudal law to make claims over modern homes which owners thought they had bought and paid for.
However, if during the thirteenth century Venetians acquired a knowledge of the feudal law applied in the Morea but not in Crete before their arrival, there is no reason to think that the fourteenth-century Venetian regime would have remained ignorant of Byzantine law and custom as previously applied in Crete.