fettuccine Alfredo

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fettuccine in cream sauce with cheese

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Like Turtles, the new restaurant features an eclectic menu that ranges from blackened salmon salad to entrees such as macaroni and cheese and fettucini alfredo.
And pasta fans Guns 'n' Roses apparently settle for nothing less than a large bowl of fettucini Alfredo.
The TRG brands offer a tremendous variety of food types and flavor profiles -- everything from slow-roasted meat sandwiches and appetizers to lasagna, fettucini alfredo, fresh-baked gourmet cinnamon rolls and flavored coffees, all at quick-serve speed and pricing," said John Vanderslice, Senior Vice President of New Concepts at TRG.
It's the difference between making a single piece of pasta and a finished fettucini alfredo.
Linda McCartney's Home Style Cooking line includes meatless entrees such as Spaghetti Milano, Lasagna Roma, Pasta Provencale, Pasta Primavera, Rigatoni Marinara, Chili Non Carne, Burrito Grande, Bavarian Goulash and Fettucini Alfredo.