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This blind spot stems from a more fundamental problem, that is, the tendency to fetishization does not only characterize the Orientalist reviewers contemporaneous with Wong; rather, it might also underlie the tributes by Wong's modern admirers, even Hodges's own project to an extent.
The Ruby men's fetishization of racial purity leads them to value women primarily for their ability to produce new generations of "eight-rock" men, and therefore to seek to maintain absolute control over their sexuality.
Moreover, Blue asserts the importance of being a role model for young sex workers to respond to their fetishization with a dynamic politics of self-presentation, autonomy and pleasure.
The accompanying polemic against the fetishization of empirical 'particularity' and 'difference' in radical postmodern democratic theory will, no doubt, prove the most contentious aspect of this book, but, apart from some occasionally glib analogies between the reactionary nineteenth-century discourse of 'crowd psychology' and the putatively radical postmodern theorization of politics as power (Foucault et al.
It is about the social contract, and it demands a real debate, not a fake one, over the distribution of power and income, over work and its fetishization, over the true interests of people and the possibility for happiness and democracy.
His painting Motociclista, solido in velocita (Biker, Solidified in Speed), 1927, for all its nominal obeisance to Umberto Boccioni--think The Dynamism of a Soccer Player, 1913, for example--falls in line with the values of an Italy gearing up for Mussolini's brutal Abyssinian campaigns, as well as with an emerging worldwide fetishization of murderous airplane warfare.
As does the reproach, implied in this disillusion, directed toward aesthetic fakery and the fetishization of youth and its sufferings.
There's a necessary fetishization of distributable titles, but there is a whole level of cinema that works in different ways, and we tried to work on several different layers.
She argues that this fetishization is based not on a prurient objectification of freakish bodies, but on a desire to know and experience the subjectivity of marginalized others in a period of increased pressure for social and political conformity and the threat of fascism from Europe.
In a further series of chapters, Baron develops her earlier work on Balzac's onomastics, with splendid pages not only on the role of proper names (including Honore de Balzac himself) but on Balzac's fetishization of paper (compensating for gaps in the 'moi-peau'), brouillons, letters, and the works' intertext.
In other words, the carnival muses can give life and material existence ("gold, blood, music") or, as objects of desire and fetishization, transfer their own "tragically based fertility, to the perilous world of the symbolic dying god.
It is the fetishization of Lucrecia's chastity in Rojas Zorilla's Lucrecia y Tarquino that serves as the catalyst for political violence.
Poverty, war, alienation, environmental destruction, colonialism, unequal development, boom/bust cycles, private property, individualism, commodity fetishism, the fetishization of the body, the fetishization of violence, guns, drugs, child abuse, underfunded and bad education (itself a form of child abuse)--these things are key to the successful functioning of the free market.
Across the park, Theaster Gates also engages site-specificity, but has detourned found objects to implicitly critique the fetishization of poverty while using the proceeds to literally transform a tumultuous and impoverished pocket of a wealthy city.
But, with only a few exceptionsincluding Alexandre Herchcovitch, whose work I profiled a few years agomost fashion minds have used Jewish culture as a crutch, passing off a fetishization of insularity and faux-quaintness as a replacement for genuine art.