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The Minute Before Meeting" is a fetishization of the minute itself, but it is also tempting to see this poem as enacting a more thorough-going fetishization of the form, or body, of the poem, producing a tactile poetics that supplies something denied by its content.
According to Marx, the shift from the perception of the "physical relation between physical things" to fetishization has its roots in the accelerating trading system.
Suggestively, the history Stencil traces is that of increasing fetishization of inanimate objects, that is, the history of capitalism.
18) Moore's performance of the working class is a fetishization on film.
His emphasis on the mode of production and its relation to abrash is not only a matter of his interest in materiality; it reproduces the Orientalist practice of fetishization that has commodified rugs through collecting.
It nonetheless remains axiomatic that the literary humanities' collective fetishization of cultural difference is unlikely to go very far if we intimate to our students that everything they need to know is available in English: for this is merely to reproduce the arrogance of the dominant language and to replicate the cultural colonization to which we stridently object.
After conducting experiments and interviewing guitar players and collectors, social scientists have analyzed 'celebrity contagion' and 'imitative magic,' not to mention 'a dynamic cyclical model of fetishization appropriate to an age of mass-production.
Though identifying himself as a socialist, Gilk recognizes that historically socialists have often acted in ways which aggravate rather than solve the dilemma in which contemporary humanity finds itself, particularly their fetishization of growth, productivity, and technological progress.
This is a useful corrective to the fetishization of personal creativity, proposing instead what Robin Blaser calls the practice of outside.
For all the fetishization of choice, Americans are taught by their institutions that there is only one way to live: casually, unconcernedly, without strong connections to anything but the provider state and its flag.
If it is, does this fetishization also apply to contemporary African immigrants?
At this point ('Britain and the World beyond' by Angela Rosenthal and Romita Ray) the discussion tips over into jargon: 'Towards the end of the eighteenth century one notices a striking fetishization of gendered whiteness in the art of the period.
Here was the precise opposite of what Marx called commodity fetishization, where human value is projected onto a thing, inflating it in scale and import and summoning it into a life of its own.
Yet Marietta's baldness serves both to comment on Paul's fetishization of Marie's hair (he keeps it, like a relic, in a glass casket) and to underline that only he sees a resemblance between the two women.
Second, Comtean and positivism are not the mere slavish fetishization of scientific method (especially in the human sciences).