prenatal diagnosis

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any of the diagnostic procedures used to determine whether a fetus has a genetic abnormality

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Yes, you may have to withstand more than a year of self-assessment, counseling, early pregnancy diagnosis, multiple professional office visits, and the stress of fetal testing and delivery to get to this happy moment, but it will have been worth it.
The most obvious example of this is in China, where the government recently announced a chilling plan to use fetal testing, forced sterilization, abortion, and a ban on marriages between people with congenital illnesses to weed out "new births of inferior quality.
The results should be "very reasuring" to pregnant women over 35 who have undergone fetal testing that showed no detectable chromosomal disorders, Baird says.
This announcement also fraudulently induced Xenomics into granting Sequenom an exclusive license to its non-invasive transrenal urine testing technology for fetal testing.
5 weeks for inpatient fetal testing two to three times daily vs.
In one way or another, a contraceptive society, a society of fetal testing and abortion, of euthanasia, makes its decisions on the basis of future events we can't possibly predict or control.
Even though this technology is years away from the clinic, we expect that our current RNA SNP allelic ratio technology - which is the basis for the Down syndrome test we expect to launch in June 2009 - will represent a major step forward in maternal and fetal testing.
The reason cited for approximately half of the intrapartum cesarean deliveries was "failure to progress" or "cephalopelvic disproportion"; more than one-quarter were performed for indications of nonreassuring fetal testing or fetal distress.
However, non-invasive fetal testing is currently available only as a clinical research tool in select laboratories in developed countries.
Get cystic fibrosis screening if it hasn't already been done, and do maternal or fetal testing for cytomegalovirus and possibly toxoplasmosis.