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The rest of the literature on fetal reduction, including a recent metaanalysis, "supports the findings of this study," said Sae Sohn, M.
Evans who uses it to guide him in the fetal reduction process.
Both fetal reduction and genetic testing become safer in the hands of experts and are reasonable options for women with multiple pregnancies.
The difficulty involved in making decisions about genetic testing and/or fetal reduction are compounded by the fact that all options carry their own risks.
The risks for fetal reduction depend on the number of fetuses," he explained.
For a woman who starts with quadruplets, her risk of losing the entire pregnancy is 25% if she decides against fetal reduction, whereas in doing a reduction from quads to twins, there is an 8% loss rate--in other words, a 92% take-home-baby rate," he said.
42 odds ratio for miscarriage following selective fetal reduction.
Patients considering fetal reduction should be informed that their risk of miscarriage after reduction increases with the number of fetuses they are carrying, according to the preponderance of evidence in the literature, Dr.