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The author discusses in great detail the local origins and cultural values of the Yoruba peoples brought to Alabama, their festivals, religious beliefs, languages, naming practices, kinship patterns, and ancestor reverence, as the subtitle "Spirit of Our Ancestors" suggests.
In the ten "Days of Awe" between the festivals, religious Jews seek to identify and atone for their failures in the preceding year, in the hope of securing divine favor for the new one.
An excellent example of late-Roman relief work, it touches on themes of daily life, festivals, religious beliefs, iconography and sculptural reproduction.
These connections include regular travel to Ticuani for school vacations and festivals, religious rituals that are practiced in both settings, and, in particular, the activities of the Ticuani hometown association, an immigrant benevolent society formed by men who have settled in New York and who tax themselves to raise funds for social spending in their community of origin.
For thousands of years, the rugs were used for festivals, religious rituals, equestrian adornment, and home and temple decorations.