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salt of ferrocyanic acid usually obtained by a reaction of a cyanide with iron sulphate

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Hexacyanoferrates (Table 1, complexes 9-10) show reactivity comparable to that of aminoprusside ion but in the presence of chitosan the equilibrium in the former case is shifted to formation of iron(II/III) ferrocyanide that indicates chitosan role as a dispersant [22],
Sorption Properties of Synthesized Ferrocyanide Complexes
4, one can also notice a significant difference in the shape of isotherms for cobalt(II) aminoprusside and pentacyanoferrate(II) with chitosan in the form of cobalt(II): higher affinity to cesium ions of polymer-inorganic hybrid martials can be, most likely, related to their higher mechanical stability, which reduces destruction of sorbent in cesium uptake process, which is typical for ferrocyanide fines [41].
Attempts were made to use pentacyanoferrate(II) in reactions with polymer ligands, but in this process whether an insignificant value of ferrocyanide sorption was attained [34] or the authors used unconventional ("exotic") polymers [6, 35],