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a black mineral that is an ore of niobium and tantalum

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The Kempton brothers beryl pegmatite, south of Pyramid Hill, is the type locality for clinobisvanite, where it was found with beryl, ferrocolumbite, triphylite, rockbridgeite and uranpyrochlore.
Occurrence: Intergrowths of magnesiotantalite, ferrotantalite, ferrocolumbite and uranium-bearing microlite form rims on manganotantalite crystals in andesine-calcite nests in a deeply desilicated granite pegmatite which cross-cuts serpentinite near its contact with marble.
In one earlier report I mentioned seeing some middling specimens of the ferrocolumbite which is intermittently collected from the dumps of the Giles pegmatite prospect, Spargoville, Western Australia, where active questing for columbium and tantalum (and for aquamarine crystals) ceased in the late 1970's.
5 to 5 cm) of ferrocolumbite were taken from the Tsaramanga pegmatite, between Betafo and Antsirabe: these are black, very sharp, wedge-terminated crystals with submetallic luster, in clean parallel-growth groups without matrix, the individual crystal size averaging around 2 cm.
Another interesting specimen recovered from the pocket consisted of two slightly divergent pink pencil-like elbaite crystals, approximately 5 cm long, growing from a base of ferrocolumbite.