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Synonyms for ferry

Synonyms for ferry

a boat that transports people or vehicles across a body of water and operates on a regular schedule


Related Words

transport by boat or aircraft

transport from one place to another

transport by ferry

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But Mr Ferris admitted he had only one witness to support his evidence.
1st Place -- Kayla Tennant, a West Ferris Secondary School student won $500 for her marketing plan "The Table is Set".
Ferris, together with Robert Winston, Robbie Fitzpatrick and Luke Fletcher, are accused of a variety of offences in connection with the security department probe centred on 37 races between June 16, 2003, and February 29, 2004, on which five Betfair account holders made a profit of almost pounds 48,000.
You go in and soak up everything you can,'' Ferris said about producing works for the Air Force art collection.
The two companies said the Ferris wheel and three-story commercial facility will be built on the waterfront of the Marina district, with their completion scheduled for February 2008.
The UA STAR certification exam was created based on the results of a study we did with Ferris State University," said Steven H.
In 1967 Ferris returned to school for his graduate work, which was interrupted by the Vietnam war During the war, he served as a commissioned officer on two U.
There's been an explosion of potentially good, exciting ways to prevent or slow Alzheimer's," says Steven Ferris of New York University.
Under the warm June sun he introduced George Washington Gale Ferris to the crowd of fairgoers gathered at the mighty steel base of the towering wheel.
I don't have to defend myself to you or anyone, Ferris.
Julie Ann Ferris (29) put her hands over the face of her nine-month-old daughter Hayley and then, several years later, did the same thing with eight-month-old son Brandon without apparently arousing the suspicions of doctors.
Ferris State University, Bay Mills Community College and the Michigan Rural Systemic Initiative are joining forces to provide teacher training to Native American college students and enhanced educational opportunities for underserved high-school students of all ethnicities in Michigan's 17 poorest rural school districts.
Today, the group is campaigning to relocate Browning Ferris International Recycling Plant, which is located in a small Austin community called the Garden neighborhood.
Frances Ferris recognized for her continuing service to SWE and its members and her contributions to the field of engineering