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any particle that obeys Fermi-Dirac statistics and is subject to the Pauli exclusion principle

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Three of these quasiparticles, the Dirac, Majorana, and Weyl fermions, were discovered in such materials, despite the fact that the latter two had long been elusive in experiments, opening the path to simulate certain predictions of quantum field theory in relatively inexpensive and small-scale experiments carried out in these "condensed matter" crystals.
Physicists will be able to study the properties of the material-bound particles to explore the possibility that free-floating varieties of Weyl fermions exist.
for fermions, we get the Klein-Gordon equation and Dirac equation
Professor Vincenzo Chiochia from the University of Zurich's Physics Institute said that they now know that the Higgs particle can decay into both bosons and fermions, which means they can exclude certain theories predicting that the Higgs particle does not couple to fermions.
In 1999, her group cooled a gas of fermions (potassium atoms) to less than a millionth of a degree above absolute zero.
Note that any chromotopology A can be ranked as follows: take one choice of bipartition of V (A) into bosons and fermions.
Heavy fermion behavior--where electrons behave as if they weigh 1,000 times or more their actual mass--is one of the most fascinating examples of these phenomena.
The scientists used molecular beam epitaxy to grow artificial superlattices of the antiferromagnetic heavy fermion compound [CeIn.
Some areas explored include loop space path integral representations for Euclidean quantum field path integrals, Abelian Wilson loops, fermions on the lattice by means of Mandelstam-Wilson phase factors, string wave equations in Polyakov's path integral framework, a covariant path integral for Nambu-Goto string theory, and domains of bosonic functional integrals.
Perhaps more importantly, its peculiar band structure affords a physical realization of a two-dimensional system of mass-less spin 1/2 Fermions.
To date, we've got bosons, fermions, leptons, muons, pions, neutrinos, photons, gluons, and gravitons.
The graviton is theorized as a weightless, chargeless particle with a spin of two units, and the quantum assumption is that these particles are fermions and move independently.
In calculating the neutron [beta]-decay amplitude in the one-loop approach, we leave out the effects of Higgs-fermion interactions, since they are of the order of the Higgs coupling to fermions [approximately equal to] [m.
Labor in the countryside was supplied by four groups of people--(1) the tenant who owed labor services to the master of the ground; (2) the cottars who were settled on the fermions, each with a cothouse and yard; (3) the unmarried laborers, of then the relatives of tenants and cottars; and (4) a group of skilled workers such as ploughmen, barnmen or threshers, shepherds, sawyers, and limeburners; and some of these needed alternative work out of season.
All fermions will make use of chirally symmetric fermion formulations, and this willbring particular simplification to the predictive calculation of the weak interaction amplitudesthat constrain searches for new physics in experiments such as the LHC.