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any particle that obeys Fermi-Dirac statistics and is subject to the Pauli exclusion principle

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Sportiello, Fermionic Field Theory for Trees and Forests, Phys.
Scientists have long wondered whether superfluidity in a fermionic fluid could persist in the face of a spin imbalance, when there are more fermions with one spin than with the other.
Physicists created a new kind of matter, called a fermionic condensate, made up of atoms that normally cannot exist in the same quantum state.
The team, led by Deborah Jin, was able to create a sixth form of matter--a fermionic condensate--formed from super cooled potassium atoms.
This is a rigid fermionic symmetry involving so-called ghost fields, known as the BRST symmetry after its discoverers, Becchi, Rouet, Stora, and Tyutin.
com/research/93qsww/ultracold_bosonic) has announced the addition of Elsevier Science and Technology's new report "Ultracold Bosonic and Fermionic Gases, Vol 5.
We will apply our framework to study the physics of a range of strongly correlated models, in particular frustrated fermionic and spin systems, in order to understand the possible physics they can exhibit.
The first generation of the particles is a proton contour (a proton itself) having the same fermionic and bosonic masses, the sum of which is approximately equal to the sum of all [pi]-mesons and K-mesons (1899 MeV).
A FINITE TEMPERATURE THEORY FOR UNIVERSAL FERMIONIC SYSTEMS **, Michael Stocker * and Theja De Silva, Georgia Regents University, Augusta, GA 30912.
Among his topics are the higher genus algebras, explicit expressions for a system of generators, semi-infinite wedge forms and fermionic Fock space representations, degenerations and deformations, and Lax operator algebras.
Paths, crystals and fermionic formulae, in "MathPhys Odyssey 2001, Integrable Models and Beyond" (M.
Supersymmetry or Bose-Fermi symmetry transforms bosonic fields into fermionic ones and vice versa.
Their topics include transport phenomena due to structural inhomogeneity in superconducting cuprates doped with cations, coherent oscillations in superconducting cold fermionic atoms and their applications, and the vortex theory of inhomogeneous superconductors.
When that happens, it's as if much stiffer springs replace the Slinkies and cinch the fermionic particles together.