Ferdinand de Lesseps

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French diplomat who supervised the construction of the Suez Canal (1805-1894)

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As construction work on the Suez Canal was winding down, the same French entrepreneur, Ferdinand de Lesseps got Colombia, then the parent state of Panama, interested in a canal designed to furnish a much shorter trade route between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, compared to the 8000 mile longer journey around the southern tip of South America - Cape Horn.
Ismailia abrite egalement de nombreux sites touristiques et historiques tels le Mont de Maskhouta, les tombes du Commun Wealth, la maison de Ferdinand de Lesseps, la Route militaire d'Horus, le Musee des chars et celui de de Lesseps.
Lot 542) Ferdinand de Lesseps is recalled again in The Pearls of Arabia collection with his achievement of building the Suez Canal summoned up by , a rare Suez Canal Company stamped cover sent from Port Sa'id to Kantara in July, 1868, when the canal was still 18 months from completion.
Herzl wrote that the hero he, in fact, admired as a child was the French engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps, who had planned the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal.
Digging began in 1859, three years after Ferdinand De Lesseps, former French vice-consul in Alexandria, won the concession to build the canal from his friend, Egypts ruler Said Pasha.
Its designer, French sculptor FrE[umlaut]dE[umlaut]ric Bartholdi, while on a trip to Port Saeed, was inspired by the epic scale of construction of the Suez Canal under the supervision of Count Ferdinand de Lesseps, who later became a lifelong friend of his.
Ferdinand De Lesseps possessed enormous charisma, which, combined with leadership and creativity, was the driving force behind his successful building of the Suez Canal.
By decimating his workforce, yellow fever and malaria scuppered the attempt by Ferdinand de Lesseps, who had successfully developed the Suez Canal, to build the Panama Canal.
In the 1850s and 1860s, of what did Ferdinand de Lesseps mastermind the construction?
Ferdinand de Lesseps, architect of the Suez Canal, began a sea-level canal with no locks in Panama in the 1880s, only to be defeated by disease, poor planning and a lack of money.
After all, it was a French company headed by Ferdinand de Lesseps that built the Suez Canal in the mid-19th century.
Construido entre 1903 y 1914 por ingenieros estadounidenses --su precursor fue el frances Ferdinand de Lesseps, constructor del Canal de Suez, quien debio darse por vencido tras perder miles de trabajadores por las enfermedades y el clima--, el Canal costo 387 millones de dolares.
Monsieur Ferdinand de Lesseps described his plan for a "ship canal across the Isthmus of Suez", and Dr Livingstone "explained the course of his travels and the advantages to commerce which might be expected from further explorations".
History recorded that in 1884, Ferdinand de Lesseps took 500 young French engineers to Panama to supervise the construction project that he predicted would last 3 years.
The Suez Canal idea, which began with Napoleon Bonaparte, was kept alive by a curious utopian cult before being taken up by the French diplomat, Ferdinand de Lesseps.