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ownerless half-wild mongrel dog common around Asian villages especially India

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However, in situations where unrestrained feral dogs exist, these working dogs may be harassed, attacked, and distracted from their duties.
Because feral dogs have been observed to harm or harass desert tortoises (Woodbury and Hardy, 1948; Duda and Krzysik, 1998; C.
A hard-boiled Cavalry scout with a feral dog as companion comes across a woman and her child stranded on their homestead deep inside hostile territory.
A feral dog will often be fine with you and sometimes I think they do understand.
But it is a slow process, as we can only catch one dog at a time and with the temperatures being so high they need to be closely monitored - you can't leave a feral dog caged up like that for more than two hours.
The declines led to an increase in feral dogs which spread rabies, causing an estimated 50,000 more deaths, and significant clean-up costs.
Captain Ed Lloyd Owen, 34, was chased by feral dogs, doused with urine and battled temperatures of 44C to raise Au25,000 for injured soldiers.
Even feral dogs, as well as hybridized "coydogs," can cause deer losses.
SATURDAY WHITE GOD This new Hungarian chiller reworks Hitchcock's The Birds with packs feral dogs.
On the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, hundreds of children and their families live and work in the municipal garbage dump among the feral dogs, picking through refuse for recyclable materials to sell for two and a half cents per kilogram.
I remember lying on my bamboo bed in the tropical night, a fan whirling beside me and feral dogs barking in the distance, thrilling to the thought: "I am really far away.
Large numbers of feral dogs sterilised and vaccinated, leading to a reduction in the risk of wolves diseases spreading in the project area;
Back then, packs of feral dogs would roam the streets at night, and the grass grew through the sidewalks up to her knees during the summertime.
Most deaths occur in underdeveloped countries where population is dense and the number of stray and feral dogs is high.
And, left unguarded, their hardy flocks are being decimated by packs of feral dogs.