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Synonyms for pigeon


Synonyms for pigeon

a person who is easily deceived or victimized

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He said: "The activities of gulls and feral pigeons have attracted a lot of complaints from local people, and in response, the council has undertaken measures to control the birds.
It is not currently an offence to feed feral pigeons, though it is very ill-advised.
In conclusion, endoscopic vasectomy would be expected to have a substantial impact on feral pigeon populations.
In Britain the shooting of collared dove and the feral pigeon is also permitted all year round.
They can survive on their own, but the life expectancy of a feral pigeon is not that long.
About the same size as the common feral pigeon, band tails are a dark grey overall, with a tan band along the tail and a white collar at the back of their neck.
In a single year, a feral pigeon can eat its way through 64 lbs of food.
I found 13 feral pigeon nests (FP1-FP13) during 17 October 2007 to 8 August 2008 inside seven different Monk Parakeet nests ~15-20 m above ground grouped in two Eucalyptus trees at the Cordoba Zoo in central Argentina; at least three pigeon nests produced nestlings (Table 1).
Peregrine falcons feed chiefly on hundreds of different kinds of birds, but their favorite prey is the feral pigeon.
Women inmates - even those who were pregnant or who had recently given birth - were unable to shower more than twice a week and parts of the jail plagued by cockroaches and feral pigeons.
A Railtrack spokesman said: "Railtrack has no direct responsibility in respect of the nuisance caused by feral pigeons.
Continental Europeans have tested the contraceptive pill on feral pigeons, but it was impossible to isolate a feral flock to measure whether the contraceptives had affected breeding.
Mr Goodman said that culling of feral pigeons attracted some public criticism and the same might happen with the squirrels.
The covered way had become a roosting place for feral pigeons responsible for mess and nuisance on the footpaths around the library.
These attractive, noisy parrots have integrated into the urban scene, sometimes coming to the ground to feed amongst feral pigeons and starlings.