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trade name of a drug rich in iron

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When we acquired the brand last year, our first priority was to take a big step forward with the packaging and help make Feosol relevant and consumer friendly again.
Table 3 Iron Supplement Products Elemental Type of Iron Iron (mg) Brand Ferrous fumarate 64-107 Femiron, Feostat, Ferretts, Fumasorb, Hemocyte, Ircon, Nephro-Fer Ferrous sulfate 39-65 Chem-Sol, Fe 50, Feosol, Fer-Gen-Sol, Fer-in-Sol, Fero-Gradumet Filmtab, FeroSul, Ferratab, Ferra T.
TABLE Representative average wholesale prices * for various iron supplement formulations Iron supplement Generic or group brand name Dosage Ferrous salts Ferrous sulfate Tablet: 325 mg (generic) po tid Ferrous fumarate Tablet: 300 mg (generic) (99 mg iron) po bid Ferrous gluconate Tablet: 325 mg (generic) (36 mg iron) po tid Controlled Slow FE Tablet: 160 mg release (Novartis) (50 mg iron) po tid Ferro-Grad-500 Tablet: 105 mg iron (Abbott) po bid Polysaccharide- Niferex-150 Capsule: 150 mg iron complex (Schwarz Pharma) iron po qd Carbonyl iron Feosol Tablet: 50 mg (SmithKline iron po tid Beecham Iron supplement Cost of 1-month group course Ferrous salts $0.
These products include Ferrous Sulfate, similar to Feosol, Senn-lax Tabs, similar to Senokot, Multivitamin and Mineral Tabs, similar to Thergran, Medilox Antacid, similar to Maalox, Medi-Peptic Suspension, similar to Pepto Bismol, Guaifenesin Syrup, similar to Robitussin, and many more.
The company markets several brands including Contac Cold + Flu, Geritol multivitamin and liquid supplements, Feosol iron supplement therapy, Vivarin alertness aid and MidNite drug-free sleep aid.