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trade name of a drug rich in iron

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These products include Ferrous Sulfate, similar to Feosol, Senn-lax Tabs, similar to Senokot, Multivitamin and Mineral Tabs, similar to Thergran, Medilox Antacid, similar to Maalox, Medi-Peptic Suspension, similar to Pepto Bismol, Guaifenesin Syrup, similar to Robitussin, and many more.
The company markets several brands including Contac Cold + Flu, Geritol multivitamin and liquid supplements, Feosol iron supplement therapy, Vivarin alertness aid and MidNite drug-free sleep aid.
Top recommended healthcare brands were identified through a national survey amongst 2,411 pharmacists early in 2013 for consideration for the award and Feosol was chosen as the #1 pharmacist recommended brand in the iron supplement category.
Today's consumers demand innovation in form and function and we are actively engaged in finding the right innovation for our Feosol and Geritol brands" adds Sommer.