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com/story/sports/college/2014/01/02/concussion-lawsuits-ncaaconsolidated-adrian-arrington/4293867/; Fenno, supra note 4.
Fenno, a practitioner of this approach, provides an
Washington relied heavily on his four-man cabinet for policy and political advice, but allowed it to be dominated by feuds between Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton; Andrew Jackson politicized his cabinet and downplayed its importance by making it subject to the spoils system and relying on his "kitchen cabinet" for policy advice; Abraham Lincoln used it to keep his political enemies close to hand, and Franklin Roosevelt used it to gauge opinion on policies that his Brain Trust and later his White House staff had already devised (Cronin 1980, 178-79; Fenno 1959, 119; Goodwin 2005; Smith 2007, 335; Warshaw 1996, 1, 14-17).
Agatha is already a very popular brand here in the fashion jewellery space," said Isabelle Trepat-Kelly, the founder of Fenno Scandia International and now the managing director at Agatha.
Sudan signed last August two deal with Luxembourg based Star Petroleum company to explore Block E which runs through five states in southern Sudan and Darfur and the Finnish firm, Fenno Caledonian with will work in Block 10 located in east northern part of the country.
Chair: Veronica Taylor, University of Washington School of Law, Dan Fenno Henderson Professor of Law; Director, Asian Law Center
Washington Irving, Fanny Kemble (the actress), John Fenno (publisher), Reverend John Ewing, Provost of the University of Pennsylvania, and his son, Attorney Samuel Ewing, with whom she was romantically linked were also constant visitors.
National Science Foundation, officially hosted the science agency heads from Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States (the Italian delegate was unable to attend)--plus the head of the new European Research Council, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium--in Fenno House at WHOI.
17) One further text worthy of brief note is A Study of Oscar Wilde by Walter Winston Kenilworth (R F Fenno, New York, 1912) which makes no explicit mention of the 1882 lecture tour to America at all.
Fenno, Home Style: House Members in Their Districts (Boston: Little, Brown, 1978); Gary C.
The character of Fenno is especially well drawn and Keating's reading turns what could be a grating, gravelly Scottish accent into a smooth and almost lilting addition to the story.
But agents can't just shut down dispensaries the moment they open, said DEA spokeswoman Sarah Fenno.
Fenno studied how House members present themselves in their districts.
The legislative election in 1994 translated into an increase in the number of elected freshmen--14 Democrats and 73 Republicans--who, however, accounted for only 20% of the membership of the House of Representatives (Polsby 1968; Buckley 1998; Fenno 1997).
Hence this alignment changed as antisemitism by Federalists like John Fenno, editor of The Gazette of the United States, now became more evident.