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low-lying wet land with grassy vegetation

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Quite apart from the fact it's wrong for Fenland District Council to build up this kind of database, what people do in their own time is up to them," the Daily Mail quoted campaign director Daniel Hamilton as saying.
The council beat off opposition from Barnet, Bolton, Derbyshire County Council, Fenland District Council in Cambridgeshire and South Ribble in Lancashire to take the top prize.
Mrs Potts, chairman of Fenland District Council, has now called off the service and switched it to a church in nearby March.
UK-based business information systems supplier Agresso has deployed its AGRESSO Business World system at Fenland District Council in the UK.
Cambridgeshire county council, in partnership with whittlesey town council and fenland district council the partners , is inviting consultants to undertake a review of existing facilities and recommend options for the development of the kings dyke nature reserve.
Meanwhile Tory Kit Owen, of Fenland District Council, Cambs, replied: "I have never seen problem witmto ae with those who can paying more, or consideration given to a universal charge to attend a GP appointment or even one at A&E.
Other shortlisted councils for the LGC Council of the Year award are Barnet, Bolton, Derbyshire County Council, Fenland District Council in Cambridgeshire, and South Ribble in Lancashire.
The Fenland District Council driver should have phoned a signalman before opening the gates at the unmanned Silt Drove crossing.
Five pieces, sprinkled through a complete set of 12, form a suite commissioned by Fenland District Council and Jazz East.
Fenland District Council in March, Cambridgeshire, have paid him a fifth of his old pounds 100,000-a-year salary to keep working one day a week ever since he and his family emigrated 10,000 miles away last autumn.