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Four of the buildings were in the north: the Wenyuan Library in the Forbidden City; the Wensu Library in the old Qing capital in Shengjing, now Shenyang City (formerly Fengtian City) of Liaoning Province (formerly Fengtian Province, or loosely Manchuria); the Wenyuan Library in the Imperial Garden, or Yuanming Yuan, in Beijing; and the Wenjin Library in the imperial summer retreat at Rehe, now Chengde in Hebei Province.
In 1925 the authorities of Fengtian requested the return of the copy.
In January of that year, the Fengtian Committee for Protecting SKQS hired a curator for the books and a servant for the curator.
In a meeting in late September 1927, the Fengtian Education Association promulgated seven regulations for opening the library to visitors:
Fengtianjiu huang gong huang ling jiang kai fang" [The old Qing Palace and Mausoleum ill Fengtian will open to public], SJRB, February 22, 1927, p.