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rules in Chinese philosophy that govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to patterns of yin and yang and the flow of energy (qi)

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Both FengShui and Sustainable Design principles are concerned with nature energy, and cycles.
Liao YH, Chen HY, Wang Z, Chen CG, Liu LW (2008) Study on community of fengshui woods and the value of application in construction of ecological public welfare forest.
The art of fengshui has had a deep and extensive impact on Korean, Chinese, and other East Asian cultures.
Wayne, who has been hired by hotel chain Travelodge as its Director of Sleep, will bring in fengshui experts to ensure rooms have the most relaxing ambience possible.
He'll also bring in fengshui experts to use the Chinese art to create a more relaxing and sleep-inducing environme in each room.
COLOUR: When you know fengshui you have no problem deciding on the colours of walls, you just know which it should be.
Editor's Note: 7b read more about Joe and Wolf's adventures, including light-hearted musings on Chinese cuisine, taxis and fengshui, visit www.
He has consulted with fengshui experts and will use brilliant red, yellow and orange colours.
Frederick Or, a staff member of 3P Fengshui Consultancy in Singapore, said both the Feng Shui business and the fortune-telling business have jumped between 20% to 30% at his company in 2001.
Some Chinese still consult a fengshui practitioner before they erect buildings or launch ventures.
Listings on living luxuriously in the Middle Kingdom, information on how to decorate your home in line with ideal fengshui principles, and of course a look at Chinese tea.