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the arrangement of windows in a building

surgical procedure that creates a new fenestra to the cochlea in order to restore hearing lost because of osteosclerosis

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Fontan procedure involves placement of a fenestration to allow decompression of the systemic venous circulation.
Echocardiography demonstrated a patent fenestration with right to left flow and satisfactory ventricular function.
The following control echocardiography demonstrated complete closure of the fenestration.
At control echocardiography no residual shunt through the fenestration was detected.
1,4-7) To the best of our knowledge, only 15 cases of IJV fenestration have been reported in the literature, (7-9) and no case of a double fenestration of the same IJV has ever been reported until now.
Multidetector CT findings of an extraordinary fenestration of the internal jugular vein.
Our team began performing laparoscopic cyst fenestration for benign hepatic cysts in 1992.
14) Therefore, laparoscopic fenestration, planned for a liver cyst, could be performed unintentionally for an undiagnosed hydatid liver cyst.
Laparoscopic management of the cyst consists of cyst fenestration wherein the protruding wall of the cyst is widely excised to allow the cyst to drain intraperitoneally (IP) and to allow for cyst excision.
28) Various methods have been described as adjuvant to laparoscopic fenestration to achieve lasting relief.
Taking the four as a whole, an average of 10% of patients required conversion from laparoscopic to open cyst fenestration.
Human thermal comfort in a room is strongly influenced by the presence of a fenestration system because of the distinctly different thermal and optical properties it possesses in comparison to the walls.
Fenestration is an architectural term that refers to arrangement, proportion, and design of window, skylight, and door systems within a building (ASHRAE 2001), and a fenestration system is composed of frames, dividers, muntins, and glazing areas.
The room without a fenestration system and without a heating system (Case D-R-1-1)
The room without a fenestration system but with a heating system (Case D-R-1-2)