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the arrangement of windows in a building

surgical procedure that creates a new fenestra to the cochlea in order to restore hearing lost because of osteosclerosis

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Mucosal fenestrations and dehiscence although are rare conditions but pose a difficult situation for the clinician whenever present,.
The AortaFit System is an investigational surgical planning tool comprised of Aortica's Fenestration Alignment Software and a patient-specific 3D-printed fenestration template.
Repair of gingival fenestrations has been reported in the literature.
There were numerous stromal fenestrations with variable degrees of edema, stromal hyalinization and pseudocystic degeneration (Figure 2).
Managing soft tissue fenestrations in bone grafting surgery with an acellular dermal matrix: a case report.
This simple and effective procedure can be used successfully for closure of extracardiac Fontan multiple fenestrations.
Duplication and fenestration are rare variations of IJV anatomy.
Methods: Since 1995, 27 patients underwent cyst fenestration at our institution.
The window fenestration consists of horizontal "ribbons" in the northern mass, a pattern of individual "punched" windows in the central "core" mass and recessed vertical strips between closely spaced masonry piers in the southern mass where it stands adjacent to the church yard.
DENVER -- Laparoscopic fenestration effectively relieves the symptoms of polycystic liver disease, although roughly half of treated patients will require repeat cyst fenestration for recurrent symptoms within a couple of years, Dr.
And so Koplowitz made his breakthrough piece, Fenestrations, which in 1987 drew an estimated 16,000 viewers in the span of two nights.
The undergarment also contains two fenestrations located anatomically beneath the general vicinity where a user's genital and anal area would be situated.
Cook's fenestrated endograft is the first in the world to incorporate tailored openings - either as semi-circular scallops or full-circular openings called fenestrations - in the top section of the endograft.
The Fenestration Alignment Software utilises a multi-factorial assessment to determine the precise location and size of branch arteries and designs a template with holes (or fenestrations) corresponding to the unique location of a given patient's branch arteries.