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Achieving femtogram resolution requires the cantilever to have a very high Q-factor that is only accomplished by encapsulating the cantilever in high-vacuum wafer level packaging (WLP).
Mass spectrometer with a resolution of 280 000 m / z 200, 1 Hz frequency, acquisition speed up to 12 scans per second MS / MS of high quality at a resolution of 17 500 m / z 200, sensitivity of 50 femtograms.
3], such that only the samples with viral DNA in excess of 10 femtograms (fg) (1300 copies) are detected as positive (D.
The LC/MSD Trap XCT Ultra, which is based on an advanced multipole ion trap technology, has a full-scan MS/MS sensitivity specification of 250 femtograms for reserpine.
These devices can be extremely sensitive, measuring picograms and potentially femtograms.
The corresponding minimum detectable mass within the size of the laser spot is a few femtograms.
5 femtograms (million-billionths of a gram) of an acid.
210]Pb typically found in otoliths were extremely low (from femtograms [[10.