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one of a pair of nerves that originate from lumbar nerves and supply the muscles and skin of the anterior part of the thigh

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8,9] In patients presenting with femoral neuropathy as a consequence of retroperitoneal bleeding, an MRI scan will assist in ruling out nerve root compression or spinal problems.
Femoral neuropathy following percutaneous nephrolithotomy of a pelvic kidney.
Based on history and physical examination, a clinical diagnosis of femoral neuropathy after stent placement was made.
In dance, given the primary importance of the quadriceps acting both concentrically and eccentrically to stabilize the leg, femoral neuropathy can be a disabling condition.
After extensive search in Medline-Pubmed, Cochrane, and Imbiomed, no reports were found in the literature of cases of persistent femoral neuropathy secondary to a hematoma of the iliopsoas muscle due to hemophilia treated by tendinous transference of the biceps.
Bilateral femoral neuropathy was seen in three patients.
Femoral neuropathy following cardiac catheterization is an extremely rare but an unpleasant complication as it may decrease the quality of life of the patient.
A A bruised nerve that causes the loss of sensation in the leg could be a condition called femoral neuropathy or a variation known as femoral neuropraxia.
1) Retroperitoneal hemorrhage is a serious and well-described complication in patients who develop increased anticoagulation, and may result in a femoral neuropathy.
Lesions affecting the upper plexus may be confused with femoral neuropathy when anterior thigh pain and paraesthesias or quadriceps weakness are the presenting symptoms.