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French author of sophisticated comedies (1622-1673)

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In a well-researched piece of sociocriticism, Ralph Albanese points out that the Republican regime of 1870 perceived Les Femmes savantes as a lesson in the dangers of specialization: that is, pedantry.
Madeleine de Scudery's Les Femmes illustres, which appeared in 1665, and Moliere's 1672 publication of Les Femmes savantes can be viewed in connection with the seventeenth-century querelle.
Out playwright David Grimm freely adapts Moliere's Les Femmes Savantes for Cole Porter's Jazz Age.
One of the rewards for the reader of this study is the breadth of the period sources that are brought to bear on the imagery: in literature, from the publications debating the issues of the querelle des femmes (especially concerning education), to the contributions to science, poetry, music, and philosophy of the femmes savantes themselves; in art, there are the repertoires of engravings of fashion plates and the engraved portraits of illustrious men and women, along with the painted portraits of royals, courtiers, savants, and savantes that were regularly exhibited in the official Paris Salons.
Pouvoirs, contraintes, espaces de liberte des femmes, de la Renaissance a la Fronde and Femmes savantes, savoirs des femmes.