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It isn't fair that we hold feminists to higher standards than everyone else--it's as though we are policed more thoroughly than non-feminists.
Although Filipina feminists wanted to fashion 'a new hegemony where the future Filipina will enjoy reproductive and sexual rights', they were very well aware that abortion was illegal in the Philippines.
However, the bureaucratic nature of feminist institutions also prompts young feminists to create their own spaces of action outside of the institutional field.
As a self-proclaimed feminist and co-coordinator of the Worcester chapter of the National Organization for Women, a feminist organization, I can claim some knowledge of the term.
Overall, Radical Feminists may appeal to undergraduate students in introductory-level history and gender and women's studies courses.
For example, feminists were hired as consultants by the government in the MS and this type of hiring institutionalized feminism, which made feminists act more as "middlemen" of government rather than "middlemen" for women.
This book is good for both evangelicals and feminists and moves the conversation on gender relations forward.
The second RebELlEs gathering, to be held in Winnipeg on May 20-23, 2011, is the ideal time to converge and infuse our society with a new wave of feminist thought and action.
Feminist Realism at the Fin de Siecle: The Influence of the Late-Victorian Woman's Press on the Development of the Novel.
By "feminist space" I mean both the actual physical space in which feminists gather to undertake collective planning and action toward shared goals and online communities--blogs, Web sites, and e-lists--where much feminist activism happens in contemporary networks.
Garcia, who has four children, says that many new feminists want to reclaim the term feminism in such a way that is not hostile to marriage and childbearing.
Hildebrand could have easily commented on The Book of Mary, "Notwithstanding that author Gail Sobat has turned our precious Lord into an illegitimate child, the basic error of this innovator is to imagine a feminist Mary brings her nearer to feminists, that shorn of her status as the venerated and honoured Mother of God, this substance enters into the lives of bitter lesbian, liberal, single-mother feminists.
If there is common ground to be found between Western feminists and women in the Muslim world, it is being discovered slowly - but thoughtfully - by women from both secular and religious backgrounds.
In this collection of essays, young feminists disprove the myth that young women are no longer interested in feminism and are not involved in social action activities.
The passing of Andrea Dworkin--feminist polemicist, anti-porn crusader, and loony extraordinaire--drew strangely admiring obituaries from several feminists who vehemently disagreed with her in life, including the self-identified "feminist pornographer" Susie Bright and the staunchly anti-censorship Nation columnist Katha Pollitt.