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If Purcell wanted to describe opposites coming together, a more accurate portrayal would be feminists playing jump-rope with chauvinists.
Sharma proposes that "listening" should be a technique employed by feminists in order to develop new techniques/vocabularies for the future.
The authors are neither polemical nor disparaging in the way they describe various camps of feminist hermeneutics, and they seem to be genuinely interested in understanding what feminists are saying and why they are committed to their views.
Regardless of our viewpoint, the ultimate historical and current goal of Black feminists is to create a political movement that not only struggles against the 'racial construction of sexuality,' but that also seeks to develop institutions to protect the minds and bodies of Black women with multiple experiences (Higginbotham 1992, 263).
Garcia, who has four children, says that many new feminists want to reclaim the term feminism in such a way that is not hostile to marriage and childbearing.
For too long, the feminists have attempted a primacy in the spiritual world.
I had understood there to be a few struggling feminists in Tehran.
The passing of Andrea Dworkin--feminist polemicist, anti-porn crusader, and loony extraordinaire--drew strangely admiring obituaries from several feminists who vehemently disagreed with her in life, including the self-identified "feminist pornographer" Susie Bright and the staunchly anti-censorship Nation columnist Katha Pollitt.
In this collection of essays, young feminists disprove the myth that young women are no longer interested in feminism and are not involved in social action activities.
For feminists, a military policy that takes into account the unavoidable physiological differences between men and women--such as the differences in upper body strength and other combat-relevant attributes--is indefensible; recognizing the time-honored duty of men to protect women is, for feminists, utterly impermissible.
Your allegiance is to your gender, to women,' say the feminists.
Once feminists disrupted the common sense about motherhood and the family," the authors contend, "the mainstream media had to respond.
For example, just as feminists of the '70s were pained to see what dominant history had been long blind to, so too did feminists of the '80s and '90s regret and critique the previous generation's blindness to differences of race, class, and sexuality.
4) Heschel points out that those concerned about eliminating anti-Judaism sometimes engage in sexism, while feminists sometimes incorporate anti-Judaism in their interpretations.
Indeed, some feminists may well object to Goldberg's sometimes contentious, sometimes dismissive tone as he critiques their work as a precondition to claiming the need for his own.