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Synonyms for theory

Synonyms for theory

abstract reasoning

a belief used as the basis for action


something taken to be true without proof

Synonyms for theory

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Whether actual progress has taken place for women regardless of sexual orientation then becomes a question in need of an answer that may find its beginnings within the context of a more inclusive form of feminist theory.
So much has been written in feminist theory that the nature and extent of this body of knowledge cannot be wholly represented in the present article.
often perceived as merely a metaphor of patriarchal society by feminist theory and philosophy" (142).
Even in the fields of social philosophy and feminist theory, May reminds us, Cooper's radical work as a public intellectual is invisible or marginalized.
Her promotion of a reconceived biology is pertinent not only for feminist theory but also for cultural theory and literary theory more generally In a nutshell her argument is that feminism and cultural theory have quite wrongly and contemptuously characterized biology simply as inert, passive, fixed, limited, given, essential--the tool of those who would naturalize conditions of oppression, the means to foil radical change by invoking a mechanical biological determinism, a way to reduce the social and cultural to the natural.
Furthermore, Heyes' approach brings a set of theoretical approaches to issues such as weight loss and cosmetic surgery that are more sophisticated than in most other discussions in much feminist theory and certainly more than in standard medical ethics.
Harris persuasively argues for the "continuing value" of French feminist theory in his discussion of how Helene Cixous's theorizing of the female body can be put in dialog with Margaret Cavendish's writings about matter and the body as open and "self-moving" (43).
There seems little consistency as to whether work on a particular individual which also deals with issues of feminist theory should be listed here or in the section on 'Individuals'.
MacGregor briefly traces the evolution of ecofeminism, and how it has drawn upon changes in feminist theory, to highlight two areas of emphasis which she feels undermine the project as a whole.
How to give students some tools from feminist theory, anti-racist analyses, and sexuality studies at the same time as guiding newcomers into awareness of history and their own experiences?
Rather than dismissing one perspective in favor of another, Gould demonstrates a willingness, and a brilliant ability, to synthesize and build upon a wide variety of perspectives--from liberal political philosophy to critical social and feminist theory.
That's a typical Flanagan sentiment, as well as a typical Flanagan construction: quiet observation, couched in homey common sense, rolled together in a spit wad aimed at the feminist theory of housework that has dominated the movement since the inaugural days of Ms.
After summarizing the arguments of several feminist economists and ethicists, Jarl attempts to synthesize from these works a feminist theory of economic justice based on addressing basic human needs.
Relke is a founding member and professor in the Department of Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Saskatchewan where she teaches courses in feminist theory, science fiction, and popular culture.
Academics and theorists dating back to Freud popularized the notion of studying human sexual behavior, and its development has been shaped by everything from the early psychologists to the birth of feminist theory, from the advent of HIV/AIDS to the creation of women's and gender studies, and more.