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Lex Watson, former co-president of Australian gay activism group Campaign Against Moral Persecution (and one of the first political groups in Australia to uphold an alliance between lesbians and gay men, established in the Sydney suburb of Balmain in 1970): explained that gay and feminist activism in the '70s were bound by the three separate but interlocking themes of sexual orientation, gender identity and social sex-roles (Watson in conversation with the author, 2012).
For Miler, a cross-gender casting is a "bold" feminist activism, one unlike attempts to simply recuperate "the feminine "other" from the margins of theatre"; instead it is "radical action: a direct challenge to the masculinist hegemony from within the "mainstream"".
When it comes to women's rights in Muslim majority states, the resultant feminist activism should provoke the question as to whether liberty is a singularly conceived universal truth.
She was surprised, then, to find Islamist American and Canadian women, or those influenced by Islamism, driving Muslim feminist activism in post-9/11 America.
18) This focus on generalized characterizations of the second-wave has resulted in a "personalization of waves" which "complicates the view of feminist activism by reducing the difference between waves to personal intergenerational struggles.
The group hopes to create a base for feminist activism and to highlight that despite the relative success of the Arab spring in many countries, the issues facing women are still present in society.
A deeper look at the diverse examples of feminist activism shows that the two regions have more in common than one might think.
Legacy: Musicians of the Next Generation" and "Working for the Weekend: Festival Organizers and Workers" delve into identity politics, feminist activism, and the future of women's music festivals via interviews with younger artists and festival organizers.
Feminist activism in academia; new essays on personal, political and professional change.
The modern phase of feminist activism at McGill began in the 1960s, as the "second wave" of the women's movement flourished in North America.
Black women, young women, indigenous women, transsexuals and sex workers, among others, explained that they often confront difficulties and limitations in joining feminist activism and action because of the unequal exercise of power within the movement.
There was a dialectical relationship between feminist scholarship and feminist activism.
We are celebrating twenty years of feminist activism with the 20th anniversary of Sister Namibia
A more in-depth analysis might have considered the parallels between feminist activism and nursing more explicitly.
Guy-Sheftall stages the commencement of feminist activism at the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 when Mott and Cady Stanton discussed the social, civil, and religious condition and rights of women.