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a grammatical category in inflected languages governing the agreement between nouns and pronouns and adjectives

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Specifically, masculine gender role endorsement appears to be implicated in the construction of the pursuit of muscularity, whereas feminine gender role endorsement appears relevant in the construction of the drive for thinness, and further research illuminating this relationship may directly inform clinical interventions aimed at male body image pathology.
At the opposite end of the spectrum, the transsexual's feminine gender presentation is virtually continuous.
Typically, allegory transforms the gendered conflict between form and matter into personifications, abstractions whose feminine gender conceals the process of sublation and especially its violence.
The results of this study indicate that persons classified on the basis of their sport participation reported similar endorsements of masculine and feminine gender roles as did persons categorized on the basis of their identification with the athletic role (i.
Pandey further said that the insensitive comments of politicians like Digvijay Singh were also one of the main reasons for the growing attacks against the feminine gender.
However, the concept of homographesis could be used to examine whether and to what extent societal perceptions of homosexuality are reflected in and shaped by homographic conflation with male feminine gender performance and to distinguish which stereotypical markers of male homosexuality this straight-acting community is rejecting or embracing.
We also (in the feminine gender of ame) find d'Aubigne exercising strategies of judicious alignment: he reconfigures his speech's aspects as in some measure female-encoded; paradoxically, it is through this very femaleness that he guarantees the survival and the expression of his speech.
After giving the grammatical definition of gender, especially as it is used in European languages, Random House follows the zeitgeist, conceding that gender can also mean sex--as in "the feminine gender.
Endorsement of masculine and feminine gender roles: Differences between participation in and identification with the athletic role.
In the battle to redress the wrongs in her own past and to overcome the double burden of her feminine gender and her race, seduction is Celanire's greatest weapon.
33) Although this paper has explored the masculine gender model implicit in the RB (while awaiting the challenge of the extraction of a feminine gender model from this same source), more recent ruminations have roused my inclination to formulate a more general monastic gender model that would collapse and altogether transcend the masculine feminine gender binary.
The only issues I can come up with that I espouse and that might be remotely considered antithetical to Catholic teaching are: my support for women's ordination, my inclusion of the gay community, my belief that there is a feminine dimension of God and, finally, that the Holy Spirit (Ruha) is of the feminine gender.
Elliott's heavy load, not the commode, explaining that the toilet seat was designed to "conform generally to the contours of the human posterior" and in the ordinary course of business, "when the commode seat is in use by a member of the feminine gender that the usual method of approach to it is to draw near, to then turn to face away from it, and to assume a sitting position with a portion of the user's weight on the user's feet.
The men, however, concluded that computers should be referred to in the feminine gender because: