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Synonyms for sidekick

a person whom one knows well, likes, and trusts

Synonyms for sidekick

a close friend who accompanies his buddies in their activities

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The rest of us will have to wait for the 1980s follow-up, Ashes To Ashes, when Gene Hunt will return with a new, female sidekick.
A FEMALE sidekick is a must-have for many TV 'tecs.
In fact, the evidence is crystal clear in the 13th and final track--a live, 1985 version of the old nugget Tennessee Waltz that still shows the power of that vocal from two decades ago: Four of the 12 new songs have spoken word vocals, two others are the next thing to spoken word, one is simply a recited poem, and the other tracks heavily showcase Cohen's female sidekick vocalists Anjani Thomas and Sharon Robinson.
Captain Video may not even have been DuMont's weirdest character; that distinction probably belongs to Dennis James, the host of the daytime women's show Okay, Mother, a pre-Hefner ladies' man who was fond of double entendres and spent much of his airtime hitting on his pretty 18-year-old female sidekick.
Jackman tries to summon charisma from behind Van Helsing's lanky mane to no avail while Beckinsale's female sidekick is little more than lip-gloss and a funny accent.
Top cop helped out every week by fearless female sidekick.
BLUNT'S debut thriller Forty Words For Sorrow was an exhilarating experience in which we were introduced to Canadian cop John Cardinal and his feisty female sidekick Lise Delorme, whose wilderness beat is Ontario's chilly Algonquin Bay.
Brian Murray's Man and Marian Seldes's Woman are the same figures "after the fall," now in the guise of George Burns and Gracie Allen, the gruff-voiced wise-cracker and his ditsy female sidekick.
In this exciting 16-bit sequel, Diddy Kong teams up with a new, female sidekick, Dixie Kong, to take on the evil Kremlings who have "kong-napped" Donkey Kong.
WHILE listening to Radio City I was saddened to hear a presenter and his female sidekick, lambaste one of last year's singers from the X Factor.
Which is a shame, because like a fine wine, 10 O'Clock Live has matured nicely, with the aforementioned guys and female sidekick Lauren Laverne getting into their stride.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- This September 10th "Midnight Reckoning," first-time writer-director Derrick Warfel's "Twilight Zone"-like feature about a budding rock star's horrific, desert run-in with a rogue prophet and his shadowy female sidekick, will follow the beat of a different drummer that many independent movies are doing these days .
There are clever twists with Robin ( Jonas Armstrong) nowa widower and I'm looking forward to seeing his a new female sidekick Kate ( Joanne Froggatt) who can take care of herself.
Igor has brief flashes of brilliance, such as the clever verbal pun with Schadenfreude's female sidekick or Scamper's grisly escape plan, which causes him to quip: "Who said rabbit's feet are lucky?
Ms Haehner told the conference in Birmingham, "The rise of 'the little prince' and, increasingly, his female sidekick is a cause for concern.