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an expected time to live as calculated on the basis of statistical probabilities

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8 years, and female life expectancy is lowest in Sunderland at 80.
If Ms Rowe had commuted the full 25 per cent of her pension by the time she reaches the average female life expectancy age of 82 she would have netted an extra PS373,280 PSannual pension (32 years x PS11,665), plus the extra PS83,493 lump sum bonus - taking her total promotion-linked payouts to an astonishing PS456,773.
The gap between male and female life expectancy is greater in high-income countries where women live around six years longer than men.
According to a report by the World Bank, life expectancy in Denmark is high, with female life expectancy at 81.
5 HIGHEST female life expectancy from birth - top 10 Purbeck, South West - 86.
9% in the 2000s, and female life expectancy at birth has increased marginally from 62.
India also ranked a poor 136 out of 187 countries in terms of female life expectancy (which is 67.
The average female life expectancy today in India is low compared to many countries, though it has shown gradual improvement over the years.
In 2011, Japan's female life expectancy dropped to 85.
6 years, narrowing the gap with female life expectancy at 81.
Table 2: Female Life Expectancy by level of Education Completed, 2006/7 Females, 2006 Life expectancy at various ages 0 20 35 65 Highest Level of Education * Primary n.
Examples of some achievements are explained in the preface, including the use of data from pension insurance carriers to investigate differences between male and female life expectancy and the reasons for those differences; the use of data from the Federal Labor Office regarding differences in wages paid by exporting and non-exporting firms; and the development of "Campus Files," with which university students of statistics can learn and practice advanced methodology using socially significant raw data.
Over the past 25 years, female life expectancy at older ages has been rising in the United States at a slower pace than has been achieved in many other high-income countries, such as France, Italy, and Japan.
Smoking appears to be responsible for a good deal of the divergence in female life expectancy," according to the report.
According to the Human Development Report (UNDP, 1999), in Pakistan female life expectancy was 65.