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In the third category are deities like Oya, the female deity of the River Niger, and Okebadan, which is associated with a sacred hill in the city of Ibadan.
Appropriately, in Greek mythology, Iris was the female deity who transported messages between the Earth and the heavens.
11) Over time the male deity was transformed into a female, so that by the 12th century it had a well-established feminine form, and by the Yuan dynasty (1206-1368) Guanyin had become a female deity.
The female deity symbolizes emptiness and "penetrating insight-wisdom" (shes rab, jnana; 104) and is necessarily depicted in union with the male deity, symbolizing skillful means, great compassion and great bliss (153-4).
College Station) found being worshiped in Vietnam when she began her visits in 1988, she chose to focus on Lieu Hanh as a rare potent female deity.
Wellington: AH & AW Reed, Plates 203, 208, 212) and a remarkable female deity, represented with whole-body tattooing, from Aitutaki.
Seidl sees here a revival of local traditions in the depiction of a pre-Urartian female deity as the Assyrianizing influence of the Reichskultur waned.
Firstly, the term "lhamo" means "goddess"--by itself it is not the name of an actual female deity.
On the left, images of the body's interior float above bucolic landscapes, while on the right a tale of a contemporary female deity unfolds.
The reverence for Mother Earth is complemented by the worship of the Moon as a female deity and Consort of the Sun associated with the cycles of nature, and of women.
For 250 years, a succession of little girls have been chosen as the reincarnation of Hindu goddess Durga, a powerful female deity.
Ninkasi is the female deity said to have created a recipe for beer 4,000 years ago.
In "Guadalupe the Sex Goddess" Cisneros writes, "She is a face for a god without a face, an indigena for a god without ethnicity, a female deity for a god who is genderless, but I also understand that for her to approach me, for me to finally open the door and accept her, she had to be a woman like me.
The Shawnee hold a unique theological conception of their Creator, a female deity known as "Our Grandmother.