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The relationship of Wu Zhao and her female deities actually changes at the different stages in her career.
In the Tetun speaking areas of Timor (especially in Koba Lima in East and West Timor), people believe that there are many deities--male and female deities.
Certain ideas cross cultural boundaries: for example, the importance of female deities in the creation myths of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece.
Four conclusions can be drawn from the study of the mythologies of the world: (1) African mythologies predate those of other lands; (2) there is a remarkable universality of mythic themes; (3) female deities were assigned crucial roles of life-givers, life-sustainers, and nurturers, while male deities were often warriors and destroyers; and (4) the transition from primarily matriarchal to patriarchal social mores occurred in Egypt and Greece long after the evolution of far more insightful, humane, just, and enlightened thought in earlier African times.
Similarly, the emphasis on female deities, as a reflection of women's religion, is flawed because, among other things, it assumes that goddesses are linked primarily to female devotees.
Deftly documenting an emerging appreciation for, and understanding of, the historical impact of a diminished prominence of the Goddess (many of whose attributes were to be subsumed in the Christian cult of the Virgin Mary), Savage Breast expertly covers diverse female deities including such goddesses as Aphrodite, Artemis of Ephesus, Demeter, Hera, Hekate, and others.
She also teaches workshops on female deities and symbol reading.
192) The role of female deities in the pantheon of traditional religions wields tremendous influence, and the images of women as mothers and exemplars of society makes Christian ordination a positive contextualization for the church.
Mellaart's imagery of elaborate rituals involving wild bulls' horns and the worship of voluptuous female deities captured the imagination of the public, particularly feminists whose goddess cults were gaining momentum in the 1970s.
According to the author, "the image of women as protectors has been documented in many cultures as fierce, female deities rising up to defeat demons who threaten the world.
Tara refers to one of the 21 female deities who appear in meditation.
There is also a third section on female deities and personifications, followed by descriptions of additional ancient sources and an extensive bibliography.
Throughout the Americas, the indigenous peoples worshipped male and female deities associated with nature and its mysteries.
She might come from another continent and have a different faith from mine, but when she talks about the importance of female deities and the difficulties of combining her career with caring for her family, we are on sisterly ground.
What it may lack in footnoted detail it makes up in a bold narrative sweep through many of the world's sacred stories about female deities from Oceania, Asia, Africa and Europe to the Americas.