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Synonyms for oophorectomy

surgical removal of one of both ovaries

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In Freudian terms, Theseus's response is a classic male response to the female body: "Probably no male human being," Freud writes, "is spared the fright of castration at the sight of a female genital" (XXI, 154), the wound, of course, being a standard image for female castration.
As Freud was adumbrating the structural theory, he was constantly running into the vexing dilemma of female castration anxiety.
Though most contemporary Freudian analysts are suspicious of any theory of sexuality or gender based on infantile dichotomies such as absence/presence, clean/dirty, inferior/superior, even the more enlightened among them still evidence a perplexity about the term female castration anxiety--which inevitably they reduce to the problem of penis envy, an absent genital seeking to appropriate or castrate a genital that is there-present.
My questions are: Why has there been such resistance to accepting the possibility of female castration anxiety?
Mayer (1985, 1991) distinguishes between a female castration anxiety rooted in what she (and many others) refer to as "primary" femininity and the female phallic castration complex related to fantasies of a lost or absent penis.