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Synonyms for buxom

Synonyms for buxom

having a full, voluptuous figure

Synonyms for buxom

(of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves

(of a female body) healthily plump and vigorous


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Offering swimwear designed for female body shape using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, Deakin and Blue manufacture their swimwear in London using fabrics made from recycled and regenerated consumer waste materials, such as fishing nets.
However, the bit I had no trouble understanding was when the researchers admitted that the ideal female body shape is still a matter of opinion.
Richins, 1991; Tiggemann, 2002) believe that women experience body dissatisfaction as a result of comparing their body unfavourably with the thin female body shape currently over-represented in the media, increased media consumption should be correlated with smaller ideal and larger actual figure selections, especially for women.
Using the FRS as a measure of perceived ideal female body shapes allows the researcher to identify discrepancies that may lead to unhealthy behaviors, such as eating disturbances, and excessive or avoidance of physical activity (Thompson et al.
The barrage of discourses and media images on beauty and ideal female body shape, through which young women come to understand the societal view of the idealised female body, reinforce subordinate views of women.
David Bainbridge, a reproductive biologist at Cambridge University, who has made a study of the female body shape, said the latest findings could explain why men find curvy women like Kim Kardashian so attractive - their children are likely to be cleverer.
No - the catwalk conformists will keep pushing an idea of good looks that bears no relation to the normal female body shape.
Kellogg's asked both men and women about their preferred female body shape.
Men from the University of Zululand in Kwa-Zulu Natal took part in the study to establish their current preferences for female body shape and size.
WE think of dieting as a late-ish twentieth century phenomenon, blaming the media for putting pressure on women by printing unrealistic images of the female body shape.
For females, what comprises a positive self-presentation is strongly influenced by the cultural ideals concerning the female body shape.
There's no doubt that a certain female body shape - small waist, pert bottom and pert breasts - is not only fashionable but also indicates youth and fertility.
WE THINK of dieting as a late-ish 20th-century phenomenon, blaming the media for putting pressure on women by printing unrealistic images of the female body shape.
Women's waists and the sex ratio of their progeny: Evolutionary aspects of the ideal female body shape.
Cross-cultural differences in preferences for specific male and female body shapes.