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Synonyms for buxom

Synonyms for buxom

having a full, voluptuous figure

Synonyms for buxom

(of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves

(of a female body) healthily plump and vigorous


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Apart from possible relationships between perceptions of attractive female body shapes and body-related anxiety, individuals who report a greater discrepancy between their current and perceived ideal body shapes may also identify more self-presentational concerns as motivation for physical activity.
However, the relationships between exercise motivations I especially weight and appearance), self-presentational anxiety (such as social physique anxiety), and perceptions of attractive female body shapes (the discrepancy between an individual's current body shape and the female shapes thought to be considered ideal by oneself and others) have not been examined.
Her study found that men find a greater range of female body shapes attractive than women do, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.
Mr Albertyn said: "It is now the time to build-up on some knowledge and get to know your body shape as there are four different female body shapes.
Studies of inter-sex preferences for female body shapes in contemporary populations typically produce rather complex results (e.
Sex differences in the preferences for specific female body shapes.
Most importantly, my knowledge regarding female body shapes and women's perceptions of their own bodies has increased immensely.
From cellos and goblets to bricks and lollipops, Trinny and Susannah believe they've finally come up with the 12 definitive female body shapes after interrogating thousands of British women about their saddle bags, muffin tops, cankles and pot bellies.
The birds have similar male and female body shapes and characteristically long wings, for starters.