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Even if one accepts Scroggs' generalized reading of the parallelism, it still fails to account for the fact that the mere reference to female homosexuality indicates that Paul does not simply have pederasty in view.
9%, n=480) agreed that female homosexuality is a sin, and 15.
How many feel restricted by the prevailing attitude regarding female homosexuality in the African American community?
She said: "My research for many years has focused on male and female homosexuality in literature.
On Villette see Jeffrey Merrick, "The Marquis de Villette and Mademoiselle de Raucourt: Representations of Male and Female Homosexuality in Late Eighteenth-Century France," in Homosexuality in Modern France, ed.
Jennifer Birkett outlines Wittig's efforts at constructing a new utopian myth and dictionary for the lesbian body she envisages, while Emma Wilson attempts to magnify the decidedly (even aggressively) blurred regard Cixous has toward female homosexuality.
The usefulness of Wiesner's textbook derives from several features First, the scope of the work is admirably inclusive, ranging from discussions of menstruation (44-46) and female homosexuality (53-56) to the feminine art of embroidery (148-50).
The origins of female homosexuality were left to another speaker later in the day, because "lesbianism is a little more complicated.
It's a little tougher for a guy [to play a gay role], because male homosexuality is looked on in a much harsher way than I think female homosexuality is.
Among the monkeys' wild relatives, female homosexuality is most common in troops with a relatively low proportion of males.