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a fast narrow sailing ship of the Mediterranean

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But still Hooja was coming nearer, nor could the leading felucca overhaul him before he would be along-side or at least within bow-shot.
Hooja must have been as much mystified as we were as to the identity of the strange fleet; but when he saw me waving to them he evidently guessed that they were friendly to us, so he urged his men to redouble their efforts to reach us before the felucca cut him off.
As Hooja's canoe reached a point some twenty yards from us a great puff of smoke broke from the bow of the leading felucca, followed almost simultaneously by a terrific explosion, and a solid shot screamed close over the heads of the men in Hooja's craft, raising a great splash where it clove the water just beyond them.
The four dugouts that had been abreast of Hooja had turned to intercept the leading felucca.
In them were fully two hundred men, while but fifty lined the gunwale of the felucca to repel them.
But the felucca pursued them relentlessly, her crew firing at will.
When the prisoners were aboard, Ja brought the felucca alongside our dugout.
When I had a moment to look about me, I took in the felucca on which I was.
The result of this was that Ja was the one who had chosen the felucca.
One thing that had inclined Ja particularly to the felucca was the fact that it included oars in its equip-ment.
A picture taken on November 24, 2017 shows a motorboat sailing down the Nile past moored feluccas in the Egyptian city of Aswan, some 920 kilometres south of the capital Cairo.
Egyptians and foreign visitors are fond of enjoy Nile rides, locally known as feluccas, mainly in the evenings of the hot summer.
At the hotel in the late afternoon a fleet of small, open boats called Feluccas were floating on the nearby Nile.
One of the many groups affected is the captains of the feluccas, the traditional sailing boats, who earn their living taking tourists up and down one of the most picturesque stretches of the Nile.
The restaurant is perched looking west over the Nile, offering a great view of the brightly lit feluccas and the Zamalek skyline, not to mention the sunset if you make it there early enough.