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Synonyms for felt

a fabric made of compressed matted animal fibers

mat together and make felt-like

cover with felt

Related Words

change texture so as to become matted and felt-like

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The three objectives of this article include: a focus on top hats with a brief overview of how the beaver felt hat was manufactured; second, historic images of various Indians wearing top hats; last, a focus on one outstanding Lakota decorated top hat and contemporary reproductions.
They all wore felt hats and carried sacks and this image stayed with me.
HEADGEAR - Felt hats and scarves have been replaced by Polar Fleece balaclavas and state-of-the-art goggles.
The town supplied felt hats for the slave trade and the last remaining wool felt hat factory closed in 1999.
Floppy felt hats over bandannas and plenty of sheer tattoo-showcasing materials round out the look, destined to come to a skatepark near you.
soldiers with wide-brimmed circular felt hats and women in both Mexican and American dress of the 1840s.
The eight dervishes wear tall felt hats, representing tombstones, and flowing white skirts, "the shroud of ego.
The term "mad hatter" came from the severe effects of using mercury in the hatter's trade to make felt hats.
com/reports/c61139) has announced the addition of "The 2008-2013 Outlook for Men's and Boys' Felt Hats in Greater China" to their offering.
Santa Wine Toppers - Furry beards and bendable woolly felt hats make this trio of charming Santas essential guests for holiday parties and memorable dinners.
Match the season Wool and felt hats are to be worn from September to February, and straw and sinamay hats ought to be worn from March to August.
The 'Land Girls' wore green jerseys, brown breeches and brown felt hats.
With their uniform of green ties and jumpers and brown felt hats, they worked from dawn to dusk.
Pencil skirts Floppy felt hats Military style coats Sharp suits Velvet Structured bags Sixties/Seventies patterns